Mom & Me Retreat rules originated to help make this weekend  pleasant, safe and memorable.
Every organization must have rules. Otherwise, chaos reigns and nobody is happy.
Please follow the rules and take home pleasant memories about Mom & Me Retreat.
These rules apply to all participating at Mom & Me Retreat Weekend.

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    Supervision: Parents/Guardians you are 100% responsible for your children at all time. 
 The only exception is during Saturday night breakout sessions when all children will be assigned to an age appropriate group with vetted, background checked volunteers of Mom & Me Retreat. 

   Illegal Activity/Violence : 
 Alcohol, Drugs, Violence, Contraband,  or Weapons of any kind will not be allowed:  
A violation of above policy is cause for immediate removal from the retreat and your family will be asked to leave with possible legal action taken against individuals participating in an illegal activity.
No Smoking:  Houghton College is a Smoke Free Campus; therefore, smoking is not allowed anywhere on the campus, in buildings, or grounds.  Your cooperation is expected and very much appreciated!

    Swim attire This event  is family friendly and more importantly Christ Centered retreat, and proper attire is required at the pool and while rafting. The college requires one-piece suits or a tee shirt be worn over bikini tops while using the pool facility.

  Transportation to Houghton is the sole responsibility of those attending.  Busing to and from Letchworth/Houghton College is provided for the rafting event only.  
Staff members are prohibited from using their personal vehicles for the transportation of guests of the retreat, and are prohibited from riding in any guest vehicles at any time during the Retreat weekend.