Thank you for a great Mom & Me Adventure.  Despite the rain & stormy weather, you helped my children & I make a memory together.  These retreats are a wonderful way for us to reconnect as a family.”             

“What an amazing adventure!  I am awed at how you and your team are able to put this retreat together and coordinate all of us.  We have had such a wonderful time.I enjoyed so much meeting the other moms and their kids.  We have made at least one lasting friendship.  I especially enjoyed the time last night listening to you and Natalie sharing together. God was so present.  Thank you so much for all that you do, who you are and what you give to us.”  

    “Even though we had a few setbacks… these are the things that make memories.  It was very relaxing and the campus, park, and rafting were beautiful.  Thank you for taking care of us moms!  


  The Mom and Me Retreat is a great place to experience camaraderie, bonding, and safety among other women. What a joy and honor it is to meet with others that share so much. Trusting souls that find real people with real struggles in a world of chaos and confusion. 

 The children of all ages had so much fun and packed in so many memories with mom that will last a lifetime. No television, no computers, few distractions, no phones, no taxi driving the kids around, and nothing to stress us out. It is filled with plenty of renewal and  refreshment. On Saturday morning as we get up we were in another world away from our hectic and draining lives that surround us at every moment.

 The best part of the trip is the White Water Rafting with Adventure Calls located at Letchworth. It is an afternoon filled with hours of rafting, swimming in the river, playing under the water falls, sharing lunch together, sharing in baptisms, and getting plenty wet on a hot day. An experience to remember forever, the Mom and Me Retreat compares to no other. A group of women and their kids on an adventure-filled day of activities, you could never get bored.  There’s even room for a quick nap afterwards.